Reduce Your Water Bill Up to 40%

Patented Water $aving$ $ystem

Water Savings Innovation - No Upfront Costs and a 60-Day Risk-Free Trial

Innovative Water Consulting invests in qualifying buildings with no upfront cost to the building owner.  We win together when we show you proven savings.

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  • No upfront installation costs - pay only out of savings achieved
  • Designed to install easily inside the water line
  • 302 Stainless Steel and food-safe Teflon
  • Fits pipes 1.5"-18"+
  • Adjustability to deal with varying incoming water pressure
  • 10-year warrant

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  • 100% Compliant and Legal
  • Stainless Steel Valves 
  • Designed for multi-family, large commercial and industrial applications
  • Sizes available: 1.5”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” , 18" +
  • Installs inside the pipes, completely hidden from the outside
  • Simple installation, typically in 1-3 hours
  • No modification to the pipes
  • No cutting
  • No soldering 
  • No risk of leaks
  • No maintenance required
  • Safe and Efficient
  • 100% reversible
  • Starts working immediately after installation
  • Acts as a secondary back-flow preventer 
  • Increases water efficiency in your business
  • Savings range from 15%  to 40% on your monthly water/sewer bill

It pays to let Innovative Water Consulting let us show you real savings! 



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Show Me Guaranteed Savings!

  • Jim L.

    "From the very first phone call, IWC put me as the customer first and provided personalized attention to meet our needs."

    Jim L.

    - Corporate Facilities Director, Ecumen
  • Tim C.

    "IWC has helped me as a consultant to provide our clients with a Legionella Water Management Plan that I feel confident will protect our patients and loved ones in a Senior Living setting.  When state department employees walk in, our facilities have a professional, living document to provide"

    Tim C.

    - VP of Operations, Hays & Hays
  • Dustin T.

    "In my business I work with a lot of outside contractors/consultants and Innovative Water Consulting is one of the best.  When it comes to customer service, responsiveness and expertise their follow-thru is unmatched.  In the three years we've worked together, I've never been disappointed."

    Dustin T.

    - Marketing Manager, Direct Supply
  • Troy D.

    "I am pleased to share that Innovative Water Consulting was brought into a facility where I had previously worked. I am at a new facility and brought IWC to my current facility. I have found IWC and Brian to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I fully trust IWC with inspecting our facility, developing and monitoring our water management plan, and educating our staff on the correct procedures to minimize the risks of Legionella." 

    Troy D.

    - Director of Environmental Services, United Zion