Legionella Testing Services

Innovative Water Consulting: Legionella & Water Treatment Solutions offers ISO 11731:2017 (E) certified and accredited testing services.   We support Legionella testing risk management through state-of-the-art culture methods and DNA based technology.  We make testing for Legionnaires disease bacteria simple, fast and inexpensive.  Innovative Water Consulting offers testing plans to fit the needs of your building while also helping to keep you in compliant with the latest mandates. 

  • One-stop shop for all of your testing needs.
  • We take the variables out of testing.
  • We furnish tailored instructions for all testing.
  • We provide interpretation for all results.
  • We arrange follow-up and tracking for all testing samples.
  • We advise remediation options.
  • We have observed most problems with testing and know how to prevent them.
  • Use your staff for what they were intended. Let us take care of the Legionella problem.
  • Ultimately reducing overhead.
  • Worry free compliance with the CMS mandate.

Innovative Water Consulting offers three testing plan options.  

Our testing services include:

  • Testing
  • Shipping
  • Correspondence
  • Testing Interpretation

For more information on Legionella testing and our testing plans: testing@iwcwater.net



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  • Jim Lindner

    "From the very first phone call, IWC put me as the customer first and provided personalized attention to meet our needs."

    Jim L.

    - Corporate Facilities Director, Ecumen
  • Tim C.

    "IWC has helped me as a consultant to provide our clients with a Legionella Water Management Plan that I feel confident will protect our patients and loved ones in a Senior Living setting.  When state department employees walk in, our facilities have a professional, living document to provide." 

    Tim C.

    - VP of Operations, Hays & Hays
  • Troy D.

    "I am pleased to share that Innovative Water Consulting was brought into a facility where I had previously worked. I am at a new facility and brought IWC to my current facility. I have found IWC and Brian to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I fully trust IWC with inspecting our facility, developing and monitoring our water management plan, and educating our staff on the correct procedures to minimize the risks of Legionella." 

    Troy D.

    - Director of Environmental Services, United Zion