Legionella Remediation Services


When You Find Legionella

Discovering Legionella bacteria in your facility’s water system can be greatly distressing with subsequent legal and financial consequences.  Exclusive to the industry Innovative Water Consulting offers a one-of-a-kind patented Legionella remediation solution with little to no downtime for day to day operations or water systems. 

If Legionella bacteria concentrations are discovered within your facility through Legionella Testing don’t panic but start remediation activities right away!

  • Call Innovative Water Legionella Consulting: Legionella & Water Treatment Solution
  • Follow your Water Management Plan, if you have one in place.
  • Follow all the instructions provided by IWC specialists to prevent human exposure to the Legionella bacteria. 

Innovative Water Consulting offers complete remediation consultation, communication with necessary agencies, and recommendations on next steps.  Full Legionella investigation and further testing done on site with same day results.  

If testing has indicated that you have a Legionella concentration somewhere in your water system, please contact us today to discuss remediation activities to help prevent anyone from contracting Legionnaires' Disease!




Emergency Number: 1-877-IWC-PLAN

If you have a discovery of Legionnaires’ Disease, please contact us immediately using the 877 number above. In the case of a Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak, Innovative Water Consulting is prepared to be at your site quickly to evaluate and assist you in preventing further human exposure and bringing your situation under control.


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HydroTreat Remediation vs.

Typical Remediation Companies 


The HydroTreat process is the most innovative Legionella remediation/sanitization process on the market.  Innovative Water Consulting is the only company that can remediate a building of Legionella pneumophilia in 4 hours from start to finish.  This revolutionary process can be completed with little to no downtime to business.  This has made our process truly innovative!  Other companies take 24+ hours just to complete the remediation process.  All the while turning off water supplies, causing businesses to endure costs for shipping in potable water, renting port-o-lets, and shutting down all building water supplies.  

Other companies typically use a basic hyper-chlorination or a super-chlorination process for remediation. After which, Legionella pneumophilia bacteria can survive and grow.  Studies repeatedly show that Legionella bacteria are resistant to chlorine alone, living well-protected within biofilm. Chlorine alone is minimally effective in penetrating biofilm and not able to remove all Legionella bacteria.  It may even help Legionella survive in a VBNC (viable but nonculturable) state under some circumstances.

Other companies may also recommend a Heat and Flush process to remediate Legionella.  This process is very labor-intensive and costly, provided the building potable water heaters can even achieve recommended temperatures and flushing times.   Studies also show that Heat and Flush, just as hyper-chlorination, is merely a band-aid “fix” for remediating Legionella pneumophilia – it will come back!  Both of these outdated remediation techniques will only kill bacteria that is free floating in the water, and minimally attack the important biofilm home of Legionella.  The HydroTreat process destroys the biofilm, removes it and keeps the system piping cleaner to prevent new colonies of Legionella bacteria from forming.

Using our latest patented remediation process and validation testing technologies, IWC is able to provide a clean bill of health for your facility in less than 24 hours.  Other companies require a wait time of weeks before they are even able to determine what their results may be.

HydroTreat Remediation Comparison Chart

In a tumultuous situation such as a Legionella outbreak, utilizing the HydroTreat process is the fastest most reliable way to rid your facility of Legionella pneumophilia.

  • Jim L.

    "From the very first phone call, IWC put me as the customer first and provided personalized attention to meet our needs."

    Jim L.

    - Corporate Facilities Director, Ecumen
  • Tim C.

    "IWC has helped me as a consultant to provide our clients with a Legionella Water Management Plan that I feel confident will protect our patients and loved ones in a Senior Living setting.  When state department employees walk in, our facilities have a professional, living document to provide." 

    Tim C.

    - VP of Operations, Hays & Hays
  • Dustin T.

    "In my business I work with a lot of outside contractors/consultants and Innovative Water Consulting is one of the best.  When it comes to customer service, responsiveness and expertise their follow-thru is unmatched.  In the three years we've worked together, I've never been disappointed."

    Dustin T.

    - Marketing Manager, Direct Supply
  • Troy D.

    "I am pleased to share that Innovative Water Consulting was brought into a facility where I had previously worked. I am at a new facility and brought IWC to my current facility. I have found IWC and Brian to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I fully trust IWC with inspecting our facility, developing and monitoring our water management plan, and educating our staff on the correct procedures to minimize the risks of Legionella." 

    Troy D.

    - Director of Environmental Services, United Zion