The Highest Risk

Healthcare facilities serve the populations at highest risk for Legionnaires' disease.  These include older people and those who have certain risk factors, such as being a current or former smoker, having a chronic disease, or having a weakened immune system. Also, healthcare facilities can have large complex water systems that promote Legionella (the bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease) growth if not properly maintained. For these reasons, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) consider it essential that hospitals and senior living facilities have a water management program that is effective in limiting Legionella and other opportunistic pathogens of premise plumbing (waterborne pathogens, for short)  from growing and spreading in their facility.  


Read more about the requirements from the CDC here: Healthcare Water Management Programs.


Guest and Employee Safety is the First Priority 

  • Legionella can grow and spread in many areas of hotels and resorts. Legionella can make people sick when the bacteria grow in water and spread in droplets small enough for people to breathe in. Legionella grows best in warm water that is not moving or that does not have enough disinfectant to kill the bacteria.


Your Hotel or Resort Needs a Water Management Program

  • The problems that lead to Legionnaires' disease are preventable through water management programs.  A water management program is a multi-step continuous process designed to: 
  1. 1) Identify areas in a building where Legionella could
  2. grow and spread 
  4. 2) Reduce risk by managing and monitoring the water system
  6. 3) Trigger action when risks are identified.


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Property Management



Developing a water management plan that effectively reduces the risk of Legionnaires’ Disease can be a challenging task. Staying current with national guidelines as well as local requirements can add to the complexity. We specialize in these areas and our highly skilled team of professionals will work with you through every step of the process.



Our Legionella water management plans help control Legionella within your building’s water systems and equipment. Once we identify potential areas for Legionella growth, we specify proactive steps to minimize this growth. Additionally, we provide verification and validation procedures to ensure your plan is working effectively. We provide you with a comprehensive, formally documented plan that is accessible in either a PDF or interactive, cloud-based format.  



One of the key differences between our approach and that of other providers involves our level of service. While having a documented Legionella water management plan is important, execution and maintenance of the plan is absolutely critical for minimizing Legionella risk in your facility. Our dedicated Quality Assurance Advocate partners with our customers to ensure they are staying on track with executing all plan related processes and validation activities.




The prevalence of Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks throughout the United States is increasing. More and more people are being sickened by the Legionella bacterium through exposure to contaminated and untreated building water systems. As responsible corporate stewards, building owners want to protect the people who occupy their facilities as well as their investment. Through development and maintenance of a Legionella water management plan tailored specifically to your facility’s unique needs, we can help you achieve this goal.


We provide a dynamic program that benefits your organization in a variety of ways. Developing and executing a Legionella water management plan helps reduce:

  • Risk of illness and death
  • Costs associated with litigation
  • Legionella growth and proliferation throughout a property
  • Costs associated with remediation and cleanup
  • Business interruption losses
  • Loss of business and possible brand damage


Having a well-documented Legionella water management plan for your facility helps to manage liability and mitigate risk. It also formalizes your organization’s commitment to keeping its building occupants safe. The dynamic document, housed in a cloud-based application, is accessible to all parties who execute, monitor or review any element of the plan. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Advocate on staff who partners with our customers to help ensure they are staying on track with executing all plan related processes and validation activities.

Residential Services
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Keeping everyone safe from harm is a key priority.  

Government Buildings

  • Managing Legionella and preventing employee exposures and Legionellosis cases depends on implementing an effective water management program.  We help government facilities keep their buildings safe and free of Legionella risk. 



  • School Business Managers can find they have inherited the management of all facility water systems.  With this task comes the responsibility for ensuring that a water systems are safe from Legionella.  We help of school business managers keep their buildings safe and free of risk. 
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