The Future of Legionella Mitigation


History has been frequented with advances in technology and tools that provide decrease in the cost and time required to perform a plethora of tasks.  While recent decades have brought increased knowledge and regulations in terms of Legionella control, water maintenance practices have remained relatively unchanged since the 1976 discovery of the Legionella bacterium. Innovative Water aims to change this, ushering in a new era in water treatment to meet the needs of the exponential increase in cases of Legionnaires Disease.

Innovative Water Consulting: Legionella and Water Treatment Solutions uses a revolutionary patented organic process that fights Legionella. This market disrupting Legionella control is the HydroTreat Process.

The HydroTreat process is a remediation program that solves all premise plumbing problems.  Our process is the only one on the market that is:

  • Safe 
  • Fast
  • Natural
  • Low Profile
  • Preventative 

The HydroTreat process is the most innovative Legionella remediation process on the market.  Innovative Water Consulting is the only company that can remediate a building of Legionella pneumophilia in 4 hours from start to finish.  This revolutionary process can be completed with little to no downtime to business.  This has made our process truly market disrupting.  Other companies take 24+ hours just to complete the remediation process.  All the while turning off water supplies, causing businesses to endure costs for shipping in clean water, renting port-o-lets, and shutting down kitchens.  

With our use of the newest patented remediation and testing technologies we are able to provide an uncharacteristic clean bill of health for facilities in less than 24 hours.  Other companies have a total wait time of 30 days before they are even able to determine results such as these.

In a tumultuous situation such as a Legionella outbreak, utilizing the HydroTreat process is the fastest most reliable way to rid your facility of Legionella pneumophilia. 


Laboratory Pipette with Blue Liquid Over Glass Test Tubes.



Exclusive Process of Innovative Water Consulting: Legionella & Water Treatment Solutions 




  • Jim L.

    "From the very first phone call, IWC put me as the customer first and provided personalized attention to meet our needs."

    Jim L.

    - Corporate Facilities Director, Ecumen
  • Tim C.

    "IWC has helped me as a consultant to provide our clients with a Legionella Water Management Plan that I feel confident will protect our patients and loved ones in a Senior Living setting.  When state department employees walk in, our facilities have a professional, living document to provide." 

    Tim C.

    - VP of Operations, Hays & Hays
  • Dustin T.

    "In my business I work with a lot of outside contractors/consultants and Innovative Water Consulting is one of the best.  When it comes to customer service, responsiveness and expertise their follow-thru is unmatched.  In the three years we've worked together, I've never been disappointed."

    Dustin T.

    - Marketing Manager, Direct Supply
  • Troy D.

    "I am pleased to share that Innovative Water Consulting was brought into a facility where I had previously worked. I am at a new facility and brought IWC to my current facility. I have found IWC and Brian to be professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I fully trust IWC with inspecting our facility, developing and monitoring our water management plan, and educating our staff on the correct procedures to minimize the risks of Legionella." 

    Troy D.

    - Director of Environmental Services, United Zion