Why does my hospital need a plan?

The survey and certification memo released by the CMS June 2, 2017 says hospitals and other healthcare facilities "must develop" policies to inhibit Legionella growth in water systems to prevent Legionnaires' disease cases. Hospitals have complex water systems that require consistent management. 

Per the memo, from the director of CMS survey and certification group, "CMS expects Medicare certified healthcare facilities to have water management policies and procedures to reduce the risk of growth and spread of Legionella and other opportunistic pathogens in building water systems." Hospitals need to conduct a risk assessment, implement a water management program and specify testing protocols. Moving forward, CMS surveyors will review facilities' water management implementation policies, procedures and reports.

CDC 9 in 10 Preventable Legionella Outbreaks

Healthcare facilities that do not meet the expectations could be at risk of a non-compliance citation.  Read the memo in full here: CMS Mandate. If your hospital needs help navigating the daunting process of developing a comprehensive water management plan that does more than just meet minimum regulatory expectations, contact an IWC expert for help. 

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