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Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test


Protection & Peace of Mind

RT-qPCR Environmental Detection

Protection & Peace of Mind for Your Customers and Employees

IWC Environmental Solutions has been on the forefront of onsite qPCR testing in the United States and now has the most accurate environmental detection solution for SARS-CoV-2.  The Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test validates the successful mitigation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19 disease in humans. This test can be used to validate your disinfecting efforts and provide employees, customers and guests with peace of mind. The Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test is crucial for surveillance and risk mitigation in all types of businesses and facilities.  Our test allows businesses and facilities to provide an additional layer of assurance to their employees and customers that their building is safe for occupancy. 

Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test

The Test & Proof of Results

  • The Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test validates the effectiveness of surface disinfection procedures.
  • The test uses state of the art RT-qPCR technology to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus on contaminated environmental surfaces.
  • Out test uses RNA purification to achieve maximum stability and mitigation of potential interferences from the environment.
  • Our test utilizes a negative, positive and internal control to provide the highest confidence in test results for accuracy.
  • Verification results in less than an hour.
  • As new as our test is, we have validation data to prove its veracity. The Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test has been field tested with proven results.



Testing Solution

IWC's All Encompassing Solution

  • Customized workflow that is tailored to your individual company operations and systems.
  • Custom tailored solutions from Full-Service to Self-Service.
  • Tests can be performed onsite or our engineers can train your staff for self-verification.
  • Test interpretation and consultative services.
  • Results are saved on our proprietary app – the Smart Test App – and are easy to understand. The Smart Test App, provides on-demand tracking and analytics.  Reports can be created to check validation and accuracy of your disinfection methods.
  • Training, support, app utilization and direction for sanitization efforts.

IWC's Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental detection solution provides validation your company is exceeding health & safety standards.


We are here to help.  Our group of highly trained professionals will work with you and explain how this innovative technology can provide the reassurance your employees and customers are seeking.  Fill our the form below to find out more about IWC Environmental Solutions, Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test. 

Novel Coronavirus-19 Environmental Test Information