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Oct 2, 2019 3 min read

The Summer of Remediations and Legionella Testing

The summer of 2019 was full of high-profile Legionella Outbreaks.  Many made national news and lead to PR nightmares that would cripple any large company.  The Mount Carmel Grove City hospital was the focus of at least 16 patients contracting Legionnaires’ Disease from the hospital’s hot water system.  The Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta shut down after health authorities confirmed 13 cases, 66 probable cases and 1 death from a Legionella outbreak.  The North Carolina state fair has at least 80 Legionnaires’ Disease cases linked to the event.


Yet, there are many outbreaks that never made the local or national news.  Why you ask? The trained professional from Innovative Water Consulting were called in to remediate hospitals, hotels, factories, high rise complexes and more with our patented HydroTreat Remediation Process.  These facilities were all testing their facility water systems for Legionella bacteria.  When large quantities of the bacteria were found, the property managers and owners of these facilities called us immediately to remediate.  Our staff was able to provide an uncharacteristic clean bill of health in all of the facilities we remediated with little to no downtime to business.


The HydroTreat process is the most innovative Legionella remediation process on the market.  Innovative Water Consulting is the only company that can remediate a building of Legionella pneumophilia in 4 hours from start to finish.  This revolutionary process can be completed with little to no downtime to business.  This has made our process truly market disrupting.  Other companies take 24+ hours just to complete the remediation process.  All the while turning off water supplies, causing businesses to endure costs for shipping in clean water, renting port-o-lets, and shutting down kitchens.  


With our use of the newest patented remediation and testing technologies we are able to provide an uncharacteristic clean bill of health for facilities in less than 24 hours.  Other companies have a total wait time of 30 days before they are even able to determine results such as these.


In a tumultuous situation such as a Legionella outbreak, utilizing the HydroTreat process is the fastest most reliable way to rid your facility of Legionella pneumophilia. 


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Make sure you are routinely testing your building water systems for Legionella bacteria.  We make testing for Legionnaires disease bacteria simple, fast and inexpensive.  Innovative Water Consulting offers testing plans to fit the needs of your building while also helping to keep you in compliant with the latest mandates. 







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