Innovative Water & Legionella Solutions
Innovative Water & Legionella Solutions
Feb 18, 2019 1 min read

Not Just a Name Change

2019 has brought about many exciting changes for our company.  With those changes has come a slight name change.  We will no longer be Legionella Management Plan Solutions and Innovative water, but instead Innovative Water Consulting: Legionella & Water Treatment Solutions. We no longer solely focused on helping facilities develop compliant and defensible water management plans, but now are a full-service solution to support all of your Legionella needs.  We have released new testing plans to help keep your facility proactive in fighting Legionella.  We have also unveiled the first and only Legionella solution that allows Legionella remediation to be done without downtime and without shutting down water systems. 


Innovative Water Consulting offers a truly All-Inclusive solution for all of your water management needs.


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Our All-Inclusive Solution includes:

  • Water Treatment,
  • Water Conservation,
  • Water Management Plans & Testing,
  • HydroTreat Remediation,
  • HydroTreat Prevention


All Inclusive Solution Chart


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