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Innovative Water Consulting
Oct 2, 2019 2 min read

Microbiological Fouling & Cooling Towers

Microbiological Fouling: the undesirable accumulation of micro-organisms, algae and diatoms, plants, and animals on surfaces. Bacteria can form biofilms or slimes.


What does microbiological fouling do to a cooling tower? Microbiological fouling will negatively impact your cooling performance.


Fouled Cooling Tower


Cooling towers are the source of microbiological fouling in most cooling water systems. Summer weather conditions can contribute to bacterial growth, which can eventually lead to performance issues and health hazards if not addressed appropriately. Here are some basic guidelines you can discuss with your water treatment provider.


  • 1) Determine the nature of the foulant in your cooling water system.
  • 2) Design a treatment program that best fits your facility’s specific needs. Equipment, consistency, effective biocides, reliability, dosing accuracy, and validation are key.
  • 3) Proper chemistries can assist to prevent silt, scale and other conditions that also promote bacterial growth.


With attention to some simple, but very important details, bacteria can easily be controlled in any cooling system. When fouling does occur, and it will, the proper response can be the difference between success and failure for your cooling tower treatment program.







Fouling can have serious repercussions on the efficiency of your cooling system. If you need a plan for limiting fouling in your cooling system, contact an IWC Treatment Expert today. Our engineers provide the highest level of expertise and service available. We as a company pride ourselves on customer service, follow through, prompt, courteous and professional service designed solely to make the end user happy.  Our reputation is noteworthy with facility maintenance employees, to managers, to CEO's of large companies.  


While extensive planning goes into designing, installing and maintaining your facility's systems, often little thought goes into the water treatment of that system.  Precise planning and service can prevent serious operational problems, ensure system longevity and provide a large return on your initial investment.  No two systems are alike and we will develop a water treatment solution to meet your facility's individual requirements. 



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