Innovative Water Consulting
Innovative Water Consulting
Nov 21, 2019 2 min read

IWC's Water $avings $ystem

The water coming into your building endures a turbulent journey, through water mains, pumping stations, and varying elevations and temperatures, all of which can result in the formation of air and water vapor bubbles in your water line. By the time the water reaches your meter, as much as 40% of the volume could be attributed to air.  Why should you care? Because water meters measure the total volume that flows through them, not just the water.  That is to say that the meter reads the total volume of water, air, and any debris that passes through it and your water/sewer bill is based on this total volume.


Innovative Water Consulting’s newest water savings system uses a patented flow management technology.  This patented Hydro-technology creates a compression zone that extends up to 200 feet back, through your meter, preventing the buildup of air.  As a result, the volume that you are paying for is virtually all water, without the air created by the turbulence.


IWC’s water savings system is installed at your building by a licensed plumber – AT NO RISK TO YOU.  Installations are similar to installing a standard check valve and typically take 1-3 hours.  The flow management system is calibrated based on the water pressure in your system and is designed so that it will never cause a stoppage of water flow.  Our water savings system is warranted for 10 years and has been installed in more than 20 states, Canada and Mexico. 

How It Works Diagram

Innovative Water Consulting is so confident that your water bills will be significantly reduced that we require no upfront payment and instead work on a percentage of savings model. We only get paid if we save you money.  Stop paying for air and lower your water/sewer bills by 15-40% with the IWC water savings system.  


The tangible, safe and continuous way to save, month by month on your water bill.


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