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Innovative Water Consulting
Jun 16, 2020 2 min read

How To Do A Legionella Risk Assessment?

Developing a Legionella Risk Assessment is a multi-step process that requires continuous review.  Following both the national standards from the CDC and ASHRAE are imperative to start.  However, also knowing and including your local and state mandates and laws will insure your Legionella Risk Assessment is effective and defensible.


Below are the 7 steps the CDC outlines for an effective water management program:

  • 1) Establish a water management program team
  • 2) Describe the building water systems using flow diagrams and a written description
  • 3) Identify areas where Legionella could grow and spread
  • 4) Decide where you need to apply control measures and how to monitor them
  • 5) Establish ways to intervene when control limits are not met 
  • 6) Make sure the program is running as designed and is effective 
  • 7) Document and communicate all activities


Environmental monitoring and program validation are crucial.  Water quality parameters such as disinfectant and temperature levels should be monitored regularly to ensure that building water systems are operating in a way to minimize hazardous conditions that can promote growth of Legionella and other germs that grow well in drinking water distribution systems. The designated program team will determine how to validate the effectiveness of the Legionella Risk Assessment.

Legionella Risk Diagram


Innovative Water Consulting provides a facility specific water management plan that is cost-effective and mitigates risk. The stakes are high in terms of compliance and regulations surrounding the latest mandates from the CMS, CDC and ASHRAE Compliance. We provide the easiest solution for these mandates and regulations. Innovative Water Consulting is fully equipped and ready with an armory of assets to develop a compliant plan for your facility in the most cost-effective way possible. Contact Us to find out how we can help you develop the water management plan that is right for your facility.