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Feb 10, 2020 2 min read

Remediating a New York City, Times Square Hotel of Legionella

The efficacy of HydroTreat in remediating a prominent New York City, Times Square hotel of Legionella pneumophilia.


Executive Summary

During the summer of 2019, Innovative Water Consulting conducted the HydroTreat Remediation process of the potable water system at a prominent Times Square Hotel in New York, NY.  The hotel needed a remediation that was natural, low profile, fast and allowed the hotel to be sanitized with little to no downtime to business.


Times Square at Night




The Times Square Hotel owners and operators faced a difficult set of circumstances facing tests that showed heightened amounts of Legionella bacteria in their potable water systems. As good corporate stewards they wanted to sanitize their hotel to keep their guests and employees safe, but at the same time, be able to do so without temporarily closing down the entire hotel.



Hotel owners selected Innovative Water Consulting to clean and sanitize the potable water system due to an amplified level of Legionella pneumophilia bacteria. The hotel discovered heightened levels of bacteria during water testing. The hotel owners conducted all appropriate testing and sanitization steps to comply with all local, state and national guidelines and regulations pertaining to Legionella control.

Using the HydroTreat Remediation process, exclusive to Innovative Water Consulting, the hotel was able to have their potable water system fully sanitized. The entire remediation was done behind the scenes in less than six hours start to finish, including a Legionella free declaration.  The owners additionally chose to continue with a HydroTreat maintenance process after thorough investigation determined their water system was being affected from an outside water source. Keeping the HydroTreat maintenance process going will insure guest and employee safety and overall sound water system condition. Using the HydroTreat maintenance process will also insure biofilm does not develop in the future, creating the greater potential for Legionella bacteria to thrive and grow. It is the only solution on the market that gives maximum Legionella protection.


Hotel Times Square



The Times Square Hotel owners and operators were able to quickly sanitize their potable water system, completely eradicating all risk.  They were able to avoid shutting down their hotel, and at the same time, keep their guests and employees safe. The success of the HydroTreat remediation process prevailed!  The hotel owners were able to rid their hotel of Legionella pneumophilia in the safest and most low-profile way possible. The hotel now possesses an easy to follow water management plan that Innovative Water Consulting provided in accordance with all of the latest New York City mandates and regulations.  The plan was verified by the New York Department of Health. New York City currently has the tightest regulations governing any area for Legionella control in the United States.