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Innovative Water Consulting
Jan 13, 2020 3 min read

Superheating & Flush No Longer Works!

Our society is plagued with treatments and solutions that have worked for years, then suddenly no longer work.  We have become antibiotic resistant.  Overuse of modern antibiotics has given rise to “superbugs” – bacteria that are now resistant to numerous antibiotics.  Our personal and business data is no longer secure.  With recent advances in technology, our previously secure data housed in data warehouses is no longer untouchable.  Private information can no longer be kept safe.  Similarly, in the water treatment industry, technologies previously used to combat waterborne pathogens no longer work.


Research and results have been documented and studied by the foremost experts in the water technology field.  superpathogensJust as superbugs have become resistant to our modern-day antibiotics.  Waterborne pathogens have become resistant to previously used remediation and sanitizing tactics. 


Guidelines and standards from nationally recognized organizations are no longer effective to combat new emerging and superpathogens.  The most common of these new superpathogens include strains of Legionella Pneumophila. It is the most widely known waterborne pathogen, and causes the life-threatening pneumonia, Legionnaires’ Disease. As recently as 2016, organizations such as the EPA have recommended the following ways to control waterborne pathogens:


  • Temperature control
  • Chlorine
  • Monochloramine
  • Chlorine dioxide
  • Copper-silver ionization
  • Ultraviolet light


The EPA has also endorsed a common mixture of these control methods: Superheat-and-flush.  Superheat-and-flush is the strategy of raising the temperature of hot-water storage tanks to 170°, and flushing outlets for around 30 minutes. Superheat-and-flush is selected often for disinfection because it requires no special equipment, and it can be initiated expeditiously. However, it is not economical.  It has become extremely costly, and labor intensive.  The prolonged temperatures the water must reach to fight these new superpathogens has become impossible to maintain throughout a large facility due to complex plumbing structures and the inability to reach distal sites with required exorbitant temperatures.



Put Simply – Superheat and Flush No Longer Works!



SuperHeat 2



Just as superheat and flush is no longer effective at killing these new waterborne superpathogens, copper-silver ionization as well as previously used control measures can no longer do the job.  With this knowledge, IWC engineers knew it was time to work harder and smarter. Our team developed the only revolutionary patented organic process that fights Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.  This market disrupting control is the HydroTreat process. 





The HydroTreat process is NSF Certified, FDA Approved, and EPA Approved. The HydroTreat process is a remediation program that solves all premise plumbing problems.  Our process is the only one on the market that is:


  • Safe 
  • Fast
  • Natural
  • Low Profile
  • Preventative 




The HydroTreat process is the most innovative Legionella remediation process on the market.  Innovative Water Consulting is the only company that can remediate a building of Legionella pneumophilia in 4 hours from start to finish.  This revolutionary process can be completed with little to no downtime to business.  This has made our process truly market disrupting.  Other companies take 24+ hours just to complete the remediation process.  All the while turning off water supplies, causing businesses to endure costs for shipping in clean water, renting port-o-lets, and shutting down kitchens.  


Innovative Water Consulting was founded on the concept of staying ahead of the ever-changing water treatment industry.  We believe in applying cutting edge technologies to save our customers money, all the while utilizing the latest methods for obtaining clean and safe water.


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