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Innovative Water Consulting
Jun 15, 2020 3 min read

Aquanomix & Innovative Water Consulting Partnership

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Strategic Partnership between Aquanomix and Innovative Water Consulting Takes on Post COVID-19 Water Readiness.


DAVIDSON, North Carolina (May 26, 2020)— Aquanomix today announced that it has partnered with Innovative Water Consulting to bring clients a much needed Water Readiness Packagein preparation for building reopenings.

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The Aquanomix SymphonyTM platform is trusted by many leading US corporations in healthcare, hospitality, and commercial real estate to manage risk in building water systems.By partnering with IWC on their proven Water Management Plan (WMP) cloud platform, we are able to support our clientele as they harden their building operations in preparation of re-opening.


“The initial response to this offering has been very positive, as we work to get the right reopening tools into the hands of building operators across North America.” said Rob O’Donnell, Aquanomix’s CEO. “Many buildings that fit within the ASHRAE 188 recommendations that would benefit from a Water Management Plan do not have one in place. In the past, this effort may have been deprioritized, but with the COVID-19 outbreak it has become more important than ever to build and implement a Water Management Plan.”


Stagnant water has become a growing concern during the COVID-19 crisis, as many companies have elected to have their workforce telecommute. This has left buildings partially occupied or even closed as a result of this action.

A Water Management Plan develops procedures to combat the effects of stagnant water. In the CDC’s published “8 steps to minimize Legionellarisk before your business or building reopens”, developing a Water Management Plan is recommended as the first step. The Water Readiness Packageincludes a 50-minute remote system evaluation, an easy-to-follow WMP builder app, cloud-based storage for digital guidelines, action item checklists and add-on testing as needed (for Legionella and chlorine). The package is a one-stop-shop that helps facilities build and implement a comprehensive Water Management Plan in the shortest period of time, further protecting building occupants as they return.


It has been recently reported that secondary and co-infections such as Legionnaire’s Disease can further complicate cases of COVID-19 and may have an adverse effect on recovery and survival. The Water Readiness Package delivers a simple solution to build and maintain the critical WMP.


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About Aquanomix

Aquanomix uses transformative technology to deliver innovative smart water management. Aquanomix understands the importance of safe water in all buildings. The company is focused on delivering technology to safely manage water related risks with the right monitoring and surveillance tools. Aquanomix’s solutions include the Water Readiness Package, theCUBE, SymphonyTM, and Managed Services. SymphonyTM is an intelligent water quality and energy efficiency software system that allows for remote monitoring of critical water systems in real-time.


About Innovative Water Consulting

Innovative Water Consulting offers an all-inclusive solution for all of your water management needs. Their use of proprietary environmentally safe technologies along with their focus on professional and cost-conscious service, make them the leader in facility specific water management. Their services include proven prevention of Legionella and the smart app technology to develop water management plans that meet all local, state, federal and ASHRAE regulations.IWC & Aquanomix Joint Logo